Forest Service Hispanic Employee Association

Forest Service Hispanic Employee Association (FSHEA) is a recognized Forest Service Employee Resource Group. A charter and bylaws were developed June 13, 1993 and sanctioned by the Forest Service Chief, Regional Foresters, and Station Directors. FSHEA was created in an attempt to assist the US Forest Service in achieving a multicultural workforce and to address issues affecting the Hispanic community, through a partnership agreement with management. FSHEA's adopted motto "Hispanics - Partners for Success" illustrates the association's partnership role with the USDA Forest Service.

The USDA Office of Human Capital Management acknowledged the Forest Service Hispanic Employees Association (pdf) as a recognized employee organization under DR 4020-251. FSHEA has also been granted provisional 501c(6) non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service.

News about Hispanic Employees

Current Events

Have you heard what Region 5 is doing with underserved rural and urban youth through the Generation Green program?

Hispanic Settlement Agreement

United States District Court for the Northern District of California denies Plaintiffs' motion for enforcement of the Agreement, effectively ending the Hispanic Settlement Agreement. Read more...

Purpose and Goals

FSHEA was formed for the purpose of collectively addressing issues affecting the Hispanic community.

  1. FSHEA is a National employee organization which monitors workforce statistics, work environment issues and National Hispanic employment trends affecting ALL Forest Service Hispanic employees.
  2. FSHEA is made up of dues paying members, however seeks to address issues and concerns of ALL Forest Service Hispanic employees
  3. Eight regions in the Forest Service currently have an active representative on the FSHEA National Council
  4. FSHEA is a "certified" employee resource group (pdf document) that collaborates regularly on a Department and National level to address Hispanic employment issues.
  5. Based on recent reports from the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, the Hispanic Caucus, and other major Hispanic organizations, charging OPM and all federal agencies with neglect in addressing Hispanic employment in the federal government, the Forest Service must enter into a dialogue and working relationship with FSHEA and other employee resource groups to address issues of representation, fairness and equity
  6. Hispanics comprise the largest underrepresented group in the Forest Service workforce
  7. Remedial measures implemented in Region 5 as components of the R5 Hispanic Class Action Settlement Agreement must be implemented throughout the agency to address Hispanic under-representation and work environment issues, and should be considered in addressing the under-representation of other groups
  8. FSHEA can and should work in collaboration with existing Civil Rights staff, Human Resources staff, and Hispanic employees to develop an effective ongoing communication link to the ever-growing Hispanic communities in your geographic area.
  9. FSHEA is willing to participate in the annual MD-715 data gathering and reporting efforts to ensure Hispanic Barrier Analysis is comprehensive and proposed actions to address those barriers are attainable. FSHEA can assist in monitoring these activities throughout the year.


As a key component of a multicultural work force, we will be a liaison between the USDA Forest Service and the Hispanic Community and as our numbers grow, we will be better prepared to serve our divers publics.

From the FSHEA Charter.

Membership and Joining

FSHEA has two kinds of membership. A member is defined as any permanent, temporary, or retired Forest Service employee current with Association dues. An Associate Member is defined as any individual or organization (not Forest Service) that supports the FSHEA purposes and goals and is current with Association dues. In the event a Member cannot pay their dues because of financial hardship, the FSHEA Membership Committee can provide consideration for a waiver or reduction of dues on a case-by-case basis. Read more on our membership page.

Resources for Hispanics

Forest Service links

More links on the Hispanic Settlement Agreement page.

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